The Zoryanna - Tribal Bellydance Dublin

The Zoryanna are a Tribal and Fusion Bellydance troupe based in Dublin. We come from all corners of the world and bring together a wealth of experience and variety of backgrounds. We love sharing our dance with the world.
Tribal Bellydance is different from other genres of bellydanceby being a fusion style that draws upon many ethnic and modern dances forinfluence. It’s also an improvisational style of the dance, based on a systemof movements and cues. Group interaction and a strong sense ofcommunication between the dancers whilst dancing are an exciting element ofTribal Bellydance.
Tribal belly dance costuming is also distinctive fromother belly dance styles. The traditional American Tribal Style (ATS) tribal costumes draw influencesfrom many ethnic backgrounds, including Indian, Flamenco, Egyptian, whilethe tribal fusion belly dance costuming is influenced by steam punk and moderndance and trends.
Our tribal belly dance classes focus on learning technique, moves and cues thatform the vocabulary of the dance – we do not learn choreographies in class. Thebasic vocabulary is based on ATS as created and taught by Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Bellydance, with originalRashani and Zoryanna moves and variations being taught at improver andadvanced levels. 
Whether you are interested in classes or performances or general belly dance links, we will keep this site updated with info so check back regularly. 
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